IBT Says Consumers Still PreferBranches

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ATLANTA - (10/05/04) -- Despite the onset of electronicbanking, consumer still overwhelmingly prefer to perform theirbanking in person, according to a new study by IBT. The study,conducted for the IBT, the leader in branch construction, found theaverage consumer goes into a bank/credit union branch 2.4 times amonth on average and that 86% of all customers visit a branch atleast once a month. Also, 86% of respondents said they prefer to dotheir banking at a branch near home. The results, said IBT, showthat the Internet, ATM and telephone use have not supplanted thebranch, but are used to complement the traditional bankingexperience. The survey was conducted in August among 400 randomconsumers on the Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles andSeattle markets.

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