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* Instant messaging becomes the "more efficient mode of communication" for the 15 IT employees at MacDill FCU, who work mostly from home.

* State leagues and CUNA launch "Operation Credit Union"-an effort to get millions of signatures on a petition to Congress to maintain the CU tax exemption. At the same time, the Utah state legislature was preparing to ask Congress to allow states to tax federally chartered CUs.

* The Federal Reserve issued a paper fueling the fire surrounding GSE oversight, arguing Fannie and Freddie do little to stabilize the mortgage markets during financial crises.

* Oklahoma CU League CEO Bob Bianchini retired after 11 years at the league.

* CUNA Mutual names Jeff Post as its new CEO.

* Radio ads debut in 28 markets as the California/Nevada leagues implement their $6-million public advocacy campaign

* Four CU vendors form Utah bank to buy card portfolios under the state's Industrial Loan Company Act.

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