Invest In America Wins Wegner

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MADISON, Wis. — The National Credit Union Foundation (NCUF) has named Invest in America the winner of the 2012 Herb Wegner Memorial Award for Outstanding Program.

Invest in America, which provides credit union members with discounts on auto purchases and many other services, began in late 2008 and has made a significant impact on U.S. auto sales. "Rarely has the Awards and Nominating Committee scored a program so high," said NCUF Awards and Recognition Committee Chairman Bob Schumacher.

The Invest in America honor will be one of three Herb Wegner Memorial Awards presented at a special dinner hosted by NCUF at the Grand Hyatt Washington on March 19, 2012 — Monday night of the Credit Union National Association's 2012 Governmental Affairs Conference. Invest in America is run by CU Solutions Group, a CUSO of the Michigan CU League.

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