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Video Conferencing ATMs Intro'd

DULUTH, Ga.-NCR has unveiled new technology that lets consumers video conference with live, remote credit union or bank tellers directly from the ATM.

NCR's APTRA Interactive Teller solution uses technology from uGenius to allow credit unions and banks to extend branch hours by providing teller support from a self-service device. The Interactive Teller ATMs are currently in pilot with a major U.S. financial institution.

The NCR ATMs use the same technology uGenius has implemented for as many as a dozen credit unions to create 24x7 teller service.

By incorporating software from uGenius Technology, NCR has integrated two-way video conferencing into its multi-function NCR SelfServ 32 ATM. Consumers can choose to use the standard self-service ATM functionality or choose the Interactive Teller interface to conduct a typical in-branch transaction with a remote centralized teller.


Overdraft Fees Made Easy--And More

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich.-CU*Answers said that with its 11.0 CU*BASE Release, it has made it easier for credit unions to make overdraft services and related fee policies more clear to members. A new secondary transaction description in Account History appears in CU*BASE and It's Me 247 online banking which clearly specifies what the members' available balance was before NSF or NR processing on Share Draft, ACH or ATM/Debit transactions.

Separately, CU*Answers:

* Will hold its Annual Leadership Conference and Stockholders Meeting June 21-23 in Grand Rapids. For info:

* Has made changes to its e-Alerts system that now includes "real-time" notification method, meaning that CU*BASE will now queue e-Alerts and send them every 30 minutes to notify members of changes to their accounts, rather than once daily as was the previous method.

* Has added to its CU*BASE platform a new Deposit Calculator button that is available to select when the teller needs to deposit to reach the desired cash back amount.

* Said that credit unions are now able to offer ATM surcharge fee rebates directly from CU*BASE, rather than requiring a third party vendor to process ATM surcharge-fee rebates.

* Said it has made changes to its Relationship Pricing program to include new links within the Tiered Services Points detail to encourage members to "Open an Account," "Open a Certificate," and when selected direct them to the online banking screens that allow them to take action.

* Has added new employee security tools for credit union auditors and management to track changes made to account security, menu security, or special security (recording changes made for and by an employee).

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