Jurors Deliberate On Oswald'sSanity

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WAUKESHA, Wis. - (05/17/05) -- An abbreviated retrial ofcop-killing credit union robber Ted Oswald ended Monday with thejury beginning deliberations on whether Oswald was criminallyinsane when he and his father set out on a 14-month crime spree adecade ago. Oswald's lawyer contended the now 29-year-old convictwas forced into violent criminal behavior by the abusive behaviorof his father; while prosecutors arguing Oswald knew what he wasdoing and participated willingly. Oswald and his father JamesOswald, now 60, were convicted in 1995 of a 1993-94 crime spreethat included a kidnapping, car thefts, armed robberies at MedicalSystems CU, in Waukesha, and Landmark CU, in Brookfield, beforethey robbed a Bank One and shot to death Waukesha Police Capt.James Lutz while they tried to escape. The Oswald's were convictedin 1995 but Ted Oswald was ordered retired in 2003 when an appealscourt found his first trial was tainted by juror bias. He pleadedno contest to 17 charges in the first phase of his retrial and thejury is now deliberating whether he was innocent by reason ofinsanity.

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