'Lab Technicians' Rob CU

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PEARL RIVER, N.Y. - (05/19/05) -- As many as four assailants dressedin white laboratory overcoats and wearing surgical masks ambushedemployees of Palisades FCU when they arrived to work Wednesdaymorning, then made off with as much as $200,000 from the creditunion's save. The robbers accosted employees and tied up as many aseight of them with plastic 'flex-cuffs' used by police as theyreported to work, until the two employees arrived who could openthe vault, police said. Then the thieves forced them to open thevault and emptied it of cash, estimated at between $175,000 and$200,000. Police believe the robbers were professional thievesbecause the heist was well-planned and the knew the credit unionhad received a cash delivery the day before. The credit union islocated less than a mile from Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, where employeswear laboratory clothes, leading police to speculate that therobbers were aware of how some credit union members dressed whiletransacting business.

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