Letter to the Editor: DeLay Should Be Seen As He Is

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It's disappointing that you have chosen to portray the impending departure of Tom DeLay as unfortunate based strictly on the narrow self-interest of credit unions ("Major CU Congressional Ally to Leave Congress," CU Journal, April 10). DeLay was certainly not unique as a credit union supporter. For one thing, there are few, if any lawmakers who refuse to "welcome us into their offices and listen to our concerns."

We are fortunate to have the support of a majority of elected representatives from both parties with respect to continuation of the credit union tax exemption and other legislative issues important to the industry. When our lawmakers differ from consensus credit union positions, as some did, for instance, on bankruptcy reform, they typically do so out of a concern for consumers, over and above the interests of credit unions and other institutions. We need to recognize and respect such differences.

Tom DeLay has been indicted on serious charges that call into question his ethics and integrity. In addition, he is widely known to have ruthlessly targeted those with whom he disagreed, and to have refused to honor Congressional traditions of bi-partisan cooperation and compromise. It is not in the best interests of the credit union movement to appear to take the side of a corrupt politician like Tom DeLay at the time and under the circumstances of his departure.

Bob Podzikowski, President/CEO

Peoples Trust Credit Union

Southfield, Mich.

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