Letters To The Editor

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Congratulations To The CU Journal

Simply put, The Credit Union Journal has provided to our industry's leaders a candid, to-the-point and timely snapshot of the issues that are truly poignant to our industry's future positioning in the financial services industry. Although our industry channel (credit unions) represents a relatively small share of the overall financial services marketplace (banks, insurance companies and brokerage firms, and other "non-bank banks," etc.), we remain a formidable player that continues to grow our wallet share by remaining steadfast in our primary value proposition-we are owned and driven by our members.

The CU Journal captures the news and the issues related to our entire financial services world-including both traditional deposit and loan products along with non-traditional products and services (investment and brokerage services, insurance services, CUSO provided operational services, etc.). Our ability to continue our growth as an industry channel is certainly contingent upon our overall ability to continue to compete in the entire financial services arena.

Although there are numerous trade journals from which the professionals in our industry have access to, The Credit Union Journal prides itself on providing us all with not just the news, but a portal into our own internal expertise by letting us hear from our industry peers.

Peter W. Snyder, President & CEO

Addison Avenue Financial Partners, LLC

Rocklin, Calif.

Too Bad Gut Lessons Aren't Taught

I just read Frank J. Diekmann's editorial, "A Gut Feeling..." in the April 28th issue of The Credit Union Journal.

It is seldom that people recognize common sense and "gut" feelings as the superb tools they are in running any business (or any family or any organization or any event, etc., etc., etc.). I only wish it could be taught in any-level management course-we could all gain from the lesson.

Lynne Davies, VP-Operations

Journal Credit Union

Milwaukee, Wis.

Gut Feeling Can Be Pain In Gut

In reply to Frank J. Diekmann's editorial in the April 28 issue, sure, a lot decision-makers go with their gut at one time or another, but making the wrong decision is expensive. Decision-makers who want to succeed should arm themselves with answers from their customers/members on questions like:

* How can we improve our product/service?

* Do our competitors offer better value for a lower price?

* Would you recommend our product/service to a friend?

Online surveys are ideal tools to get fast answers from customers, prospects, and employees.

Michelle McCann


Herndon, Va.

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