Liberty Introduces New Anti-ID Theft Solution

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Liberty Enterprises is rolling out a product designed to fight identity theft. The new Liberty Identity Theft Service-powered by Identity Theft 911, a provider of identity theft crisis resolution, education and defense services- is a comprehensive offering that provides all the necessary tools to defend against identity theft and to restore a stolen identity, the company said.

Liberty CEO Stan Hollen said the most important component of Liberty's new product is the "experience, expertise, innovation and quality" of the company's identity theft solution partner, Identity Theft 911. Online Banking Report recently named Identity Theft 911 as one of "the 10 most significant innovations and developments of 2003," including the company on its list of "10 industry developments that provide the best glimpse at the future of online financial services delivery." The new product provides:

* Crisis resolution for victims: One-on-one, expert guidance through the complex process of restoring a stolen identity.

* Ongoing education: A ready resource of information on defending against identity theft, from in-depth articles to bulletins and fraud alerts.

* A three-in-one credit report, with info from the three credit bureaus.

* A full year of weekly electronic credit monitoring and alerts.

* E-mail notifications: A year of periodic e-mail updates providing resources to enable a proactive defense against identity theft.

* Identity theft insurance provided by AIG: Covered expenses involved in restoration of identity, with no deductible and no family exclusion, an enhanced policy limit (up to $25,000), and up to four weeks lost wages at up to $500 a week.

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