LPS Introduces Mortgage Servicing Reporter

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Lender Processing Services yesterday launched a new reporting and analytics solution that mortgage servicers can use to measure and analyze key performance indicators to help make more informed decisions about loans in their portfolios.

LPS said its Business Intelligence enables mortgage servicers to use a single, online portal to access both current and historical data that can be compiled in detail, summary or other customized perspectives for more robust analysis. Servicers can use this data for the creation and delivery of reports that can help them quickly and easily identify trends, complete analyses and report on key performance metrics. Because this tool pulls information from one source, it eliminates the need for servicers to run multiple queries using data from disparate systems.

The LPS Business Intelligence toolset also features dynamic reporting functions and easy-to-use query and graphing capabilities for straightforward and reliable analysis of even the most complex data, the company said. Users can create fully customized and illustrated reports with the solution's built-in graphics and chart options.

The LPS Business Intelligence offering has three components that work together: the BI Data Warehouse, Library Framework and Dashboard. The Data Warehouse stores data used to create reports and is fully integrated with LPS’ loan servicing platform, MSP.  The Data Warehouse can be populated further with other LPS and lender data sources resulting in a truly comprehensive data set. The BI Library Framework is a single user interface for viewing and distributing reports across the enterprise, and the BI Dashboard allows users to customize their user views so they can access and use only the reports they want to see.


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