Lt. Gov. Urges CUs To Raise Awareness ofEarned Income Tax Credit

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CHICAGO - (08/26/05) Illinois Lt. Gov. Pat Quinn, who hasbeen active in chartering several credit unions, called on creditunions across the country to make sure their low-income members areaware of the earned income tax credit. “There are many peoplewho are eligible for up to $4,000 and the family doesn’t knowabout it,” he told NASCUS’ annual meeting here. Quinnsaid he also would like to see more states duplicate a“Yellow Ribbon Program” in place in Illinois, and sinceduplicated in 21 other states, aimed at helping servicemenreturning from Iraq and Afghanistan to “get back on theirfeet.” The state-funded program gives anyone from Illinoiswho is called to active duty a “grant on behalf of the peopleof Illinois for the service they are providing us.” InIllinois to date more than $3 million in grants have beendistributed to more than 6,000 families. Each person gets a basicgrant of $500 for each deployment, and under some circumstancessome get more.”

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