Man Tries To Borrow Restitution From CU He Robbed

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SKOWHEGAN, Maine – A man was arrested Monday after trying to get a loan to pay restitution at a branch of the same credit union he was convicted of robbing in 2008.

Joshua Lieberman, 21, was arrested on charges of violating his bail conditions, which included staying away from Franklin Somerset FCU.

Lieberman was recognized from the robbery by a teller while trying to get a loan to pay a $2,500 restitution order.

“That just doesn’t even sound right,” said a Skowhegan police officer. “That he went back to the institution that he stole from to get a loan to pay off what he owed them.”

Lieberman was convicted of armed robbery and sentenced in December 2009 to serve eight years in state prison, with all but one year suspended. He was to serve three years of probation once released. Police said he was the driver of the getaway car in the heist.


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