Manager Guilty Of Stealing $1.2 Million From Tiny CU

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NORTHRIDGE, Calif. – The former manager of tiny Sharebuilders FCU and her husband pleaded guilty this afternoon to a $1.2 million embezzlement that sunk the credit union four years ago.

Mireya Gonzalez, 37, identified several accounts that were dormant or had minimal funds on deposit at the one-time $3 million credit union and electronically transferred funds to a joint checking account with her husband and two accounts that were in her children’s names, according to prosecutors. She also deposited funds from the general ledger accounts of Sharebuilders FCU to the family accounts.

The withdrawals from the dormant accounts created large negative balances. Mireya Gonzalez allegedly covered up the fraudulent deposits to the Gonzalez accounts by changing names and numbers assigned to the dormant accounts, transferring balances to the dormant accounts from other accounts and providing false information to auditors hired by Sharebuilders FCU.

She pleaded guilty today to embezzlement and filing false tax returns and her husband, Luis Gonzalez, 35, pleaded guilty to filing false tax returns.

The embezzled money was used to buy personal items such as jewelry, automobiles and luxury items, prosecutors said.

Sharebuilders was taken over and liquidated by NCUA in April 2007 with less than $700,000 in assets. The credit union was chartered in 1959 to serve employees and sales staff of the 3M Pharmaceutical plants located in Northridge, California, and St. Paul, Minn.

Sentencing for both is scheduled for September.


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