MAX FCU Pilots New Diebold SoftwareUpdate System

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MONTGOMERY, Ala. - (07/07/06) – MAX FCU has become one of thefirst financial institutions to install a new Diebold system thatnotifies users about Microsoft software updates for Windows-basednetworks. Diebold’s Software Update Notification Systemallows credit unions and banks to streamline channel management andupdate security features by pre-qualifying each update throughDiebold-specific testing and use recommendations. On the secondTuesday of each month, when Microsoft releases new software for itsWindows platform, Diebold engineers assess each update forapplicability to its ATM terminals and test updates to ensureproper operation within Diebold software applications. On TheDiebold Customer Internet Support website, customers can registerand create custom profiles that identify their particular needs andthe type of Windows-based ATM networks their financial institutionsare running. The Diebold Software Update Notification System isfree to financial institutions with a current Diebold MasterAgreement.

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