Member Hit In Age-Old Bogus CheckScam

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OCONOMOWOC, Wis. - (12/29/05) Police here are investigating a slighttwist on an age-old scam that has hit one credit union and a memberhere. Landmark CU said a 48-year-old local man opened a newbusiness checking account by depositing a check worth more than$75,000. Shortly thereafter some funds were wired from the accountand a withdrawal of $1,500 was made. When the check bounced, policewere contacted and the member met with CU officials, explainingthat following a series of e-mail discussions with a businessassociate a plan was made to purchase property in Canada. Themember was supposed to receive a check, make a transfer, andreceive a 10% commission on the profits from the transaction. Themember has told the credit union he will pay the entire amountback.

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