Members At Truliant FCU See TheLight

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. - (06/22/06) – Members and other passers-bycan’t help but notice the glow of member services emanatingfrom Truliant FCU’s new headquarters. A 64-foot-highfiberglass tower is topped with an ambient light beacon thatconstantly changes its color, depending on member satisfaction. Themember measure is the brainchild of Truliant CEO Marc Schaefer, whois constantly searching for ideas to strengthen the value ofmembership for his 200,000 members. The tint of light is determinedby two questions asked members after a transaction: how would theyrate the level of their service; and do they feel like a part ofTruliant. The results of the survey are transmitted from the $1billion credit union’s headquarters and five other Charlottebranches by satellite and to the beacon, which changes colors every17 minutes based on the input. Blue means that members are verysatisfied with their service. The light gradually changes colors asmember sentiment changes: to a different shade of blue; to yellow;then green. “The reason this was done was to measure membersatisfaction,” Schaefer told The Credit Union Journal. Themost recent data shows that 85% of the 13,824 members surveyed saidthey are “very satisfied” with their service. Asimilarly overwhelming margin feel they are a part of the creditunion. Schaefer has been working to promote the value of creditunion members in light of the growing conversions to mutual savingsbanks, and constantly stresses the member/ownership at his creditunion. The members’ tower is located outside ofTruliant’s new $20 million headquarters, where the creditunion moved a year ago. The branches have smaller‘orbs,’ or lights that indicate membersatisfaction.

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