Members Group Rolls Out 'Revolutionary' Vault

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The Members Group has developed an Internet-based reporting solution that is now available to credit unions that offer credit, debit or ATM card products. "The Vault is a revolutionary product," said Jeff Russell, CIO and vice president of strategic development for The Members Group. "In addition to the traditional uses of a report, we have created a tool for credit unions to take data and turn it into information to create a better understanding of the cards portfolio, which ultimately makes for better business decisions." The Vault takes information from standard reports-essentially data from the traditional greenbar report-and stores it as fields of data to create custom views of information, the company said. "All of this is done through a web browser and an Internet connection, which means there is no cumbersome hardware or complicated software to install."

Russell added that users can easily chart and graph critical data. In addition, it features dashboarding technology-the ability to monitor a number of reports all on one screen. The Vault was designed as a solution for TMG clients to add value to the reports that FDR provided.

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