Mexican CU Group In Meetings In Washington

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Representatives of Mexico's Caja Popular Mexicana joined with their U.S. counterparts to attend a number of meetings here related to credit unions in Mexico.

Organized by the World Council of Credit Unions, WOCCU partnered with the California, Arizona and Texas leagues to join with Caja Libertad to participate in 15 meetings with lawmakers, policymakers and local credit union representatives to draw attention to the private sector-led credit union development in Mexico. TCUL, CCUL and ACUL have partnered with Caja Popular Mexicana and Caja Libertad to improve marketing to unbanked Mexicans on both sides of the border, facilitate remittance distribution and upgrade information technology in Mexican credit unions, WOCCU reported.

"This week is a rare opportunity to reinforce for international credit union development stakeholders the value and effectiveness of our collaborative efforts," says WOCCU vice president and COO Brian Branch.

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