Minnesota, Paraguay CU Execs In Meeting

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As a first step toward establishing a relationship with the Minnesota Credit Union Network, the Paraguayan credit union association. CENCOPAN, sent four representatives here last week. The MCUN has been developing this relationship since fall of 2003 through the World Council of Credit Unions' (WOCCU's) Partnership Program.

The groups signed an agreement formalizing their commitment to the partnership program, and develop a cooperative work plan that defines specific objectives for this effort. CENCOPAN, more formally known as the Central de Cooperativas Nacionales del Paraguay, was established in 1994.

Today, CENCOPAN represents 24 credit unions throughout the country of Paraguay, most recently working with its member credit unions on implementing a new law that established a separate regulatory body for credit unions in Paraguay. The World Council's CEO Arthur Arnold and other WOCCO reps were on hand for the week-long meeting.

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