Most Strategic Technology Plans Aren'tVery Strategic

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SAN FRANCISCO - (06/27/06)-- Board members who believe theircredit union has a strategic technology plan in place are probablymistaken, according to one analyst. Instead of a strategic planthat outlines how the IT enviroment will change over the next threeto five years and how the credit union will manage that change,most CUs have tactical plans in place that focus on technicalissues, such as networks and internal security, said Terrence Rocheof Cornerstone Advisors in remarks before CUES Annual Conventionhere. A strategic tech plan creates outlines a methodology to aligntechnology projects with strategic goals; clearly articulates ITand user roles in achieving the technology payoff, and focusesexternally on key industry trends and industry leaders, Roche toldthe meeting, which kicked off at the same time SanFrancisco’s annual Gay Pride Parade was drawing 350,000-pluspeople just blocks away.

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