Murder Suspect Ruled Incompetent ForTrial

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ORLANDO, Fla. - (09/21/05) -- A man charged with shooting to deatha Fairwinds CU teller during an armed robbery last year was foundincompetent to stand trial Monday. Instead, Luc Termitus, Jr., 21,was ordered treated at a state psychiatric hospital and evaluatedfor 90 days, when a redetermination will be made on his competenceto stand trial. Termitus is charged with shooting Sue EllenGelsinger in the head while trying to rob the credit union on Sept.7, 2004. He ended up leaving the credit union without any cash. Apsychiatrist's report found Termitus has an IQ in the low 60s,placing him in the mentally retarded range of functioning, andsuffers from auditory hallucinations and paranoid ideas. Termitustold police he meant to pistol-whip the credit union teller, butbecame frustrated when Gelsinger, a new hire, was unable to openthe vault and the gun went off.

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