NAFCU Indicates Support For DoD Solicitation Plan

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NAFCU has sent a letter to the Department of Defense saying it supports a proposed rule on personal commercial solicitation on military bases.

The proposal essentially codifies a number of DoD policy letters, including use of on-base financial institutions and non-profit, tax-exempt, private organizations to provide financial education; limits on the use of commercial sponsorship to obtain personal contact information for solicitation, and required reporting of solicitation policy violations to higher headquarters.

"In particular, NAFCU supports the inclusion of language that sets out the procedures for a base commander to suspend or withdraw solicitation privileges," the trade group said.

NAFCU said it would like to see clarified a potential loophole as to how "sponsorship" is viewed versus "solicitation." Many commercial entities that "sponsor" an activity may attempt to collect personal information to use later for solicitation purposes, NAFCU noted. "Although the proposed rule does prohibit commercial sponsorship as a means to obtain personal contact information without written permission from an individual, NAFCU is concerned that sponsors will use the personal information beyond the scope for which permission was granted."

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