Navajo Mine FCU Expands Charter, Changes Name

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Navajo Mine FCU has changed its name to Four Corners Federal Credit Union, having "outgrown" its former name. "Our field of membership has changed over the years," said Phyllis Crawford, manager of Four Corners FCU. "And we wanted our name to reflect our members and our community."

The CU originally took its name from the Navajo Mine, one of four mines owned by the same company in the Four Corners area, but the old name was confusing to mine workers and their families. "Some people thought we were only for Navajo Mine and others thought we were only for Navajo people," she said.

The new name reflects it location near the "four corners," where New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado and Utah all meet.

The credit union is also moving to a new building in early July. The building, which was designed by Financial Design of Dallas is three times larger than the current facility.

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