'Next Product To Sell' Is Intro'd

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New technology from Summit Information Systems will help credit unions enhance relationships with members, support profitability goals and edge out competitors in the race to attract new members, the firm said.

According to Summit President Kevin Sparks, the new "Next Product To Sell" technology automates and customizes member relationship management across all of a credit union's service delivery channels-branch, call center, Internet, drive- up, wireless services and more.

"A teller will be able to immediately see on his computer screen the services that a particular member uses or doesn't use, and will know the 'next best product to sell' based on having that information at his fingertips," Sparks said. "The system also will capture the response so the member won't be asked the same question through other channels."

Fully integrated with the Summit Spectrum system, architecture is flexible to allow for ease of integration into multiple environments, in addition to becoming a key component of Summit's core functionality, the firm said.

Two credit unions are participating with Summit in the rollout of the new solution. Las Vegas-based Nevada FCU, a $680-million organization with 82,000 members, demonstrated the Next Product to Sell prototype at Summit's annual Advanced Technology Interchange Conference.

"We see this as the next logical component of our CRM strategies," said Pete Jenkins, VP of Administration and IT at NFCU. "With approximately two-million monthly transactions going through the Nevada Federal electronic channels, we have a huge opportunity to deploy this type of technology to expand our member relationships and enhance their e-channel experiences."

The $1.3-billion First Technology Credit Union, Beaverton, Ore., plans to deploy Next Product to Sell through its call center and Internet banking channels.

"A credit union must be there for a member at that 'golden moment' to make a sale," said Char Shinn, e-Business Manager for First Technology Credit Union.

For info: www.fiserv.com.

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