Nightmare 'Snatch and Grab' Turns BackInto Dream

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FAIRFIELD, Calif. - (07/26/04) -- Members of Travis CU helped turn adream-turned-nightmare back into a dream last week for a fellowmember who was robbed of her savings after withdrawing the fundsfrom the credit union. The $1,200 raised by members of the creditunion, combined with two private donations, will help reimburseLinda Reid for the $2,800 stolen from her on the way to buy a smallbusiness--a hot dog stand. Reid was assaulted and robbed a shortwhile after withdrawing $4,800 in cash from her husband'sretirement account at the credit union, losing $2,700 of the funds(she was able to retrieve the rest) saved up for the new business.The members' charity helped Reid to buy the hot dog stand she hadher heart set on. Police are still searching for herassailant.

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