Novice CU Robbers Get Away–For 20 Minutes

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PORTLAND, Ore. – Two young women accused of robbing Rivermark CU last week were quickly collared by police minutes later after they stowed a GPS tracking device they discovered in the stolen loot inside their getaway car.

The tracking device was placed among the 48 bills–totaling $1,370-- a female teller handed over, police said.

The two first-time robbers were tracked down a mere 20 minutes after the heist after they put the GPS, which they thought was a dye pack, back in their car, leading police to their hideout.

One of the suspects, Brittney Sykes, 23, told investigators that she “went to a computer and searched the Internet to figure out what the device might be.” Panicking and assuming that the pair would be busted, Sykes “ran out to her car and hid the device" underneath the driver's side floor mat in her purple Hyundai Accent.

Also arrested was Emma Westhusing, 19, who was believed to be the getaway car driver.

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