NuVision FCU: ‘It’s Not Your Father’s CU’

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HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. – NuVision FCU is rolling out a new promotion aimed at attracting more young people with the message, “It’s not your father’s credit union.”

The credit union deployed its Gen Y street team at the Huntington Beach Fourth of July Celebration. The new street team concept complemented other activities as part of the organization's annual participation at one of Southern California’s most prominent holiday gatherings and the largest Fourth of July celebration west of the Mississippi.

The NuVision street team was deployed in three groups of three people on the first day of the festival, July 2, with the mission of communicating to young Gen Y attendees that NuVision is part of a transformation of the traditional credit union idea.

Armed with information, sign-up cards and a grab bag with a chance to win either $1 or $100, the credit union said the street team approach proved highly successful with more than 400 information cards gathered from people interested in hearing more about NuVision and the benefits of a credit union. The team took photos of event attendees with the NuVision money sign which were posted on NuVision’s Facebook page.


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