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Oregon, Washington CU Leagues Mull Merger

FEDERAL WAY, Wash.-Representatives of the Washington CU League are currently in talks with their counterparts from the CU Association of Oregon on a combination of the two state trade groups, according to a source familiar with the negotiations.

The talks are currently focusing on the structure of a combined entity, including facilities and employees, the source said.

A combined trade association could create an entity representing about 350 credit unions in the northwest, including 250 in Washington and about 100 in Oregon. The negotiations are expected to be completed as early as the end of March.

Texas Bankers' Task Force To Push Taxation

AUSTIN, Texas-The Texas Bankers Association has initiated its own campaign against credit unions with a new task force to push taxation and other anti-credit union initiatives. The state bank group said the task force will coordinate efforts with the American Bankers Association, but will focus on the Texas perspective on a taxation and regulatory treatment.

The TBA said it is dedicated to fighting credit unions and will not participate in events or trade shows that show case credit unions. CUNA Chairman Dick Ensweiler, who is also president of the Texas CU League, told The Credit Union Journal last week he was aware of the new effort and has heard rumblings of a banker-backed bid to tax credit unions.

Ensweiler said the issue could escalate as the state struggles with its budget and school finance issues again this year.

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