Online Incentive Program Rewards CUMembers And Employees

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DALLAS - (02/17/06) -- Banking incentive company RennhackMarketing Services has introduced a new web-based incentive rewardsplatform aimed to supporting customer retention at banks and creditunions. BankingBonus is the online incentive platform thatspecifically targets the banking market, allowing banks and creditunions to add customer recognition and rewards tool and to provideincentives for front-line employees to improve customer service.The system allows both customers and employees to redeem points formerchandise, gift cards and leisure rewards using points earned.Employees could be rewarded for signing up new members, convincingexisting members to open new accounts or apply for a credit card.Members could earn redeemable points by referring friends orsigning up for automatic payroll deposit. BankingBonus featuresmore than 1,500 rewards items representing more than 380brands.

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