Online Security Provider Offers VoiceVerification System

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NEW HOPE, Pa. - (03/28/06) -- VoiceVerified, a provider of voicebiometric verification technology, announced the commercial launchMonday of its VoiceVerified Point Service Provider. The hostedsystem consists of a patented collection of microprocessor-basedcontrol, telephony and storage devices and application softwarethat act as a remote, on-demand voice enrollment and verificationservice. The service will help businesses secure remotetransactions, protect consumer data and combat identity theft. ThePSP platform combines multiple voice biometric algorithms andprograms used to measure the unique characteristics of a voice andthen mathematically model them as a unique voiceprint. Verificationoccurs when a customer's identity management system or call centerroutes the call to the VoiceVerified secure operations center,where the system prompts the caller to repeat five random numericdigits to create a voice sample. The sample is then compared to astored voiceprint.

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