Open Solutions Converts TwoCUs

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GLASTONBURY, Ct. - (04/04/06) -- Open Solutions Inc. said two morecredit unions have agreed to migrate to its core data processingsystem, The Complete Credit Union Solution. Heritage FCU, ofNewburgh, Ind., will outsource the core processing system and plansto go live in August. The $300 million credit union has alsocontracted for OSI's financial accounting suite (including generalledger, accounts payable and fixed assets); mortgage originationand servicing; the safe deposit box leasing system; premiumoverdraft; the construction module of the commercial loanmanagement system; and cView (CRM/business intelligence). RIA FCU,of Bettendorf, Iowa, with $185 million in assets, has signed forOSI's e-Commerce Banker (Internet banking and cash management);financial accounting suite; consumer loan management; mortgagemanagement; safe deposit leasing system; premium overdraft; cView;real-time ATM processing; and electronic image/itemprocessing.

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