PA HealthCare CU Pays A ‘Perfect 10' On 10% CD

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SEWICKLEY, Penn. – Members lined up Friday for PA HealthCare CU’s “Perfect 10” CDs, celebrating 10-10-10 $1,010, 10-week CD paying 10% APR.

The special was available for only 10 hours Friday.

Members also were offered a five-year auto loan for 2010 or newer model years at 4.10% APR, and a five-year home equity loan at 4.10% APR, as part of the Perfect 10 Promotion.

“The past two years we have had our Crazy 8's promotion on 08-08-08 and our Whole 9 Yards for 09-09-09, so our members were anxious for this year's themed promotion for 10-10-10,” said Paul Fero, president of the $30 million credit union. “The response has been great, with over 5% of our membership taking advantage to reserve their special 10%.”

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