Pentagon Foundation To Renovate Military Hospice

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Pentagon FCU said its charitable Pentagon FCU Foundation has agreed to contribute $200,000 to renovate space in Walter Reed Army Medical Center to house family members of terminally ill soldiers.

The renovation will allow terminally ill soldiers to stay with their families while remaining close to medical care.

The foundation's contribution was necessary because plans call for the closure of the hospital over the next five or six years and rules prohibit federal funding for new construction at the sites.

The fledgling Pentagon FCU Foundation, just two years old, has contributed several hundred thousand dollars to projects at Walter Reed over the past two years to help fund facilities for wounded soldiers.

Last year, the non-profit foundation helped furnish and supply the new Fisher House recovery facility at Walter Reed, the hospital's third Fisher House and the 28th Fisher House around the country.

The charitable arm of the credit union also raised $86,000 from corporate donors to finance installation of 27 wireless computers at the Fisher Houses recuperation center.

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