Philly's CUs To Determine Super BowlChampion?

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WASHINGTON - (01/26/05) -- The underdog Philadelphia Eagleswill defeat the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl Feb. 6because credit unions in the City of Brotherly Love are strongerthan their Boston counterparts, according to a prediction fromCallahan & Associates. The company examined seven ratios todetermine the financial strength of the credit unions in eachteam's respective city and found that Philadelphia credit unionsare experiencing stronger growth and higher return-on-assets, "andwe feel that these will be their keys to success." Callahan's usedsimilar data to correctly predict that both Philadelphia and NewEngland would win their respective conference championship games.One caveat: last year, using state data (rather than city data)Callahan's predicted that the Carolina Panthers would defeat thePatriots in the Super Bowl. The Patriots won that game32-29.

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