Police Dog Makes FinalCollar

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KENNEWICK, Wash. - (02/13/06) – K-9 Deke made one last trotaround the bases last Thursday night. The Kennewick Police dog isbeing credited with tracking down a suspect who robbed two creditunions to make his final arrest. Police say the eight-year-oldpuppy, responsible for tracking as many as 180 arrests, is headedfor retirement because of health and age concerns. It was quickaction by the canine detective and witnesses that helped policecollar the credit union bandit. A robber entered Mondad FCU shortlyafter 5 pm Thursday and showed what turned out to be a fake gun,then demanded money and ran out. Then a suspect of the samedescription repeated the robbery at nearby. Kennewick CommunityFCU. K-9 Deke helped police track the robber to a hiding spotbehind a shed down the street. The suspect, identified as42-year-old Edward Fernauld, was charged with two counts of robber.The Kennewick Police Department is holding a retirement party nextmonth for Deke. Deke’s handler has a new dog, named Vigo,ready to report for duty.

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