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* Getting the Federal Credit Union Act passed, the law that started it all, was no easy feat -Page 23

* How a Sunday School teacher and his father helped lead Jim Moore to become involved as a CU volunteer -Page 26

* A life-long educator, Fred Johnson, is putting his skills to work in lobbying -page 27

*Herman Alevy has advice to share after 50 years of lobbying representatives -Page 28

* Kentucky's Johnny Abbot knows his way around both sides of the aisle -Page 30

* An immigrant to the U.S. learned quickly how politics work -Page 30

* One director has worked to ensure money is in place for board to travel to DC

-Page 32

* An appointment by the governor to the legislature has paid dividends for director -Page 34

* Credit Union Journal readers offer their two cents to how they'd respond to a challenge from their congressman -Page 36

* The state credit union leagues talk about how they use volunteers and directors when it comes to advocacy -Section begins on page 38

* An indication of how they've grown, CUs in Poland and Russia face bank critics -Page 41

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