Presidential Campaigning As A GoodDiversion

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DES MOINES, Iowa - (02/28/05) -- A man convicted of robbing a nearbycredit union during campaign stops by both President Bush and Sen.John Kerry last summer was sent to prison last week for 10 years.James Lewis, 30, was convicted last month of second-degree robberyfor a late-morning hold-up last Aug. 4 at Ralston and Community CUin nearby Davenport, just as Presidnet Bush was stepping off AirForce One for a campaign stop here. At almost the same time, Sen.Kerry was speaking to area residents nearby, one of the few timesthe two campaigns actually intersected. Lewis tossed stolen cashand gloves from the window of his sport utility vehicle while beingchased by police, who caught him after his getaway vehicle stalledoutside a school.

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