Presidential Campaigning As Cover For CURobbery

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DAVENPORT, Iowa - (08/05/04) -- Three institutions, including onecredit union, were robbed Wednesday morning while President Bushand Democratic nominee John Kerry were speaking just blocks awayfrom each other. The Ralston CU was the first one hit, around 10:45am, just after the President Bush began speaking at LeClaire Park.Then followed a hold-up at First National Bank at 11:23 am, and athrd one at Southeast National Bank, at 11:45 am. Kerry had begunhis own economic forum at the city's River Center at 10 am. "I'msure the bad guys read the papers and they knew when thepresidential candidates were going to be speaking in town,"Davenport Police Lt. Don Gano, told The Credit Union Journal. Asuspect in the credit union robbery was arrested a short time afterthe hold-up, said Gano. Police were investigating whether the threeincidents were related.

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