Presidential Politics Creeps Into FutureForum

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HONOLULU - (10/28/04) -- With the presidential election justdays away, political debates cropped up everywhere at CUNA's FutureForum, from the 'CU Marketplace' exhibit hall to after hoursreceptions. One Denali Alaskan FCU director stumped for John Kerryas the right person to 'get us out of the mess Bush got us into,'while a Kauaii Community CU director rooted for George Bush andnoted that Hawaii, usually a Democratic stronghold could tilttowards Bush next week. A small group of Florida credit unionrepresentatives suggested their biggest hope was that whichevercandidate wins the notorious battleground state wins 'by alandslide' so there will be no question about how Florida votedthis time around. "We're all just hoping it's some other state onthe hot seat this time," one offered.

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