PSCU-FS Issued 1.6-Million Promo Points

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PSCU Financial Services said it issued 1.6 million points to the 10 winners of its second annual CURewards Sweepstakes, which is designed to boost activity for credit unions' credit and debit cardholders during the 2004 holidays. In addition to the grand prize of one-million points, three first place prizes were awarded for 100,000 points each, and six second prizes were issued for 50,000 points each. As part of the CURewards program, points may be redeemed for appliances, jewelry, electronics and a wide variety of merchandise as well as airline tickets, cruises, car rentals and other travel opportunities.

PSCU Financial Services offers CURewards as part of its CreditAbility and DebitAdvantage processing services. According to PSCU-FS, nearly one-million cardholders from 138 credit unions participated in the latest CURewards "Thanks a Million" Sweepstakes. Credit and debit card transactions made between Oct. 1, 2004, and Dec. 31, 2004, were eligible for prizes. Cardholders from credit unions that were enrolled in the CURewards program as of July 1, 2004, were automatically entered in the sweepstakes, with all credit and debit transactions during the selected time period automatically included in the random electronic drawing. PSCU Financial Services President David J. Serlo said that cards with a rewards program post an average of an additional 23 transactions a year, adding about two more transactions per month over cards without a rewards program.

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