Recycle Ads Debut; Research Is On

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The California/Nevada league reported that initial response to the Public Advocacy Program radio advertisements it rolled out in mid-January have been "very positive."

That ad debuted Feb. 9 in the Carson City Nevada Appeal, Feb. 23 in the Sacramento Bee, and March 1 in the Capitol Hill publication Roll Call (to coincide with CUNA's GAC). The ad is also appearing in certain newspapers throughout both states.

Meanwhile, the league has now done approximately 200 interviews out of what will eventually be 4,000 as it measures the ongoing effectiveness of its $6-million public advocacy campaign. League spokesperson Henry Kertman said the consumer research is seeking to measure perception and reaction to the ads and what is resonating with consumers. The campaign seeks to raise awareness of the value credit unions bring to communities. Kertman said those consumer interviews will then be measured against a baseline of consumer interviews done in November of 2004. Separately, Kertman said the California/Nevada league is doing research among opinion leaders regarding what they are hearing from constituents.

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