Redstone FCU Pilots Two Advanced ATMs

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The $1-billion Redstone FCU here has been piloting new ATM models from Fujitsu.

The new models handle not just traditional financial transactions, but dispens non-traditional media as well, including stamps, coupons, phone cards and event tickets.

Seeking to drive additional member traffic and reinforce the credit union's commitment to members, Redstone decided on a 60-day trial of two Fujitsu Model 8030 ATMs: a through-the-wall and kiosk drive-up ATM designed for small space and next-generation functionality.

The company said that Windows-based and Web-enabled features also help ensure members will stay satisfied over time, "because such industry-standard solutions increase the likelihood of a long product lifecycle and an easy migration path as new technologies are introduced in the future."

The 8030 is also fully compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act, and offers text-to-speech voice assistance, specially designed ergonomics and headphone audio input.

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