Reloadable CU Cards Sustain Olympic PressCorps

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NEW YORK - (08/13/04) -- Before sending them off the Athensto cover the summer Olympics, the Associated Press equipped itsreporters with stored-value Visa cards developed exclusively forthem by New York's credit unions. The card were developed by CardServices, a subsidiary of the New York CU League in partnershipwith Associated Press Employees FCU to ensure AP's 300 staffmembers have funds at their disposal while they cover the Olympics.The cards are reloadable, so they can be replenished with U.S.dollars, which are then converted to Euros that AP staff can accessas cash at ATMs or for point-of-sale purchases. Each AP staffer hasreceived a Visa card with a predetermined value from the company'sdirector special events for AP. If additional value needs to beadded to the cards, the director can have the cards reloaded. Thecards expire at the end of this year.

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