Rep Appears In New Ads

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CUNA and NAFCU last week released the latest in a series of newspaper ads aimed at federal lawmakers.

In the newest ad, Rep. C.L. "Butch" Otter (R-ID) tells the story of how he has belonged to a credit union since he was 13 after joining the CU to which his parents belonged.

"The credit union was the institution that loaned my family the money to invest in the dairy and cattle businesses and to enlarge our farming and ranching operations, thereby allowing us to invest in ourselves," the ad's text reads. "It was the credit union that loaned me the $800 to pay for my first year of college (I was the sixth of nine children and the only one to graduate from college). And it was the credit union that loaned me the necessary capital to start my first business.

"I believe in the value and the values of the credit union system. It is a belief in the human spirit and the free enterprise system, and in the value of a person's word and their promise," the text adds.

The ad appeared in Roll Call, Congress Daily, National Journal, Congressional Quarterly Weekly, and Congressional Quarterly.

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