RG2 Solutions Says ProBlox Cuts Expenses

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RG2 Solutions, a custom programming and systems integration provider dedicated exclusively to the credit union market, has introduced its ProBlox program. ProBlox allows credit unions to buy blocks of time from RG2 Solutions that they can then "spend" on programming and systems integration projects as needed. "In the past, credit unions were forced to either pay a high hourly rate or put a company on retainer," says RG2 Solutions president Roger Grant. "The retainer agreement saves on the hourly rate, but it doesn't take into account the lulls that are bound to occur some months. ProBlox offers the best of both worlds." Credit unions can purchase ProBlox of either 25 or 50 hours. A 25-hour package provides for a discount of 10% based on RG2 Solutions' current hourly rate. A 50-hour package offers a discount of 20%.

For info: www.rg2solutions.com.

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