Robber Caught Red-Handed

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A would-be robber was captured a short while after he entered AAA FCU, asked for cash then grabbed a handful of money from the teller, setting off a dye-pack explosion hidden in the cash as he ran out to an assumed getaway car. But the suspect then jumped out of the back seat of the car and ran down the street with red dye splattered all over him, police said. The suspect, identified as a career petty criminal, was arrested a short time after the foiled heist. Police said the 42-year-old suspect has committed bank robberies in the past, including a 1994 incident where he left a demand note, written on the back of a hospital form complete with his name and address, on the bank counter. The three men who were waiting in the car outside the credit union had no knowledge of or involvement in the robbery, police said. The driver of the car had agreed to give the suspect a ride to a bank.

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