Robber Gets Life In Prison For Scaring Elderly Women To Death During Escape

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. – A man who failed in his attempt to rob Fort Financial CU in nearby Gastonia in 2008 was sentenced to life in prison yesterday for literally scaring a woman to death while running from police after the foiled heist.

Larry Whitfield, 21, ran into the home of 79-year-old Mary Parnell to hide from police and Parnell suffered a heart attack and died. Parnell was dead when her husband found her hours later. The jury found Whitfield not guilty of killing her, but -- in a quirky three part verdict -- voted to place the blame for her death on him.

Whitfield was one of two would-be robbers who entered the credit union in September 2008, then ran as police responded to the scene.

Whitfield was convicted of attempting to rob the credit union with a friend, Quanterrious McCoy, was also convicted of the attempted robbery.

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