Robbery Suspect Blinded ByLove

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DAVENPORT, Iowa - (08/10/04) -- A 21-year-old suspect in lastweekend's armed robbery at River City CU was led on the Saturdaymorning heist by a domineering girlfriend, who drove the getawaycar with her toddler sons dangling in the backseat, according tothe mother of the suspect. "He got in with the wrong girl," saidDiana Martin, after her son, Christopher Martin, was charged in theSaturday incident. Martin and his 21-year-old girlfriend, DanielleSkrogstad, were arrested following a high-speed chase after thecredit union heists, with her two little boys in the backseat.Martin's mom said her son is weak when it comes to women and wasled astray by his girlfriend. "You can be strong, but if the rightperson whispers in your ear, you're not," said the distraughtmother. Saturday's robbery at River City CU was the sixth in thecity over the past week, including three heists Tuesday, carriedout during separate campaign visits by President Bush and DemocratJohn Kerry. The two are also suspected in a June robbery at IHMississippi Valley CU and several other area hold-ups.

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