Sailing Team of CU, Vendor Execs Participates In Race

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A team composed of executives of credit unions and CU vendors raised more than $11,000 for the Children's Miracle Network by competing in the Newport to Ensenada (Mexico) Yacht Race.

Jim Updike, CEO of Honda FCU, captained the yacht, and was joined by Bill Enslin of Creditor's Insurance Services and Mike Pietig, Matt Flynn, Chris Gunnare of the Members Group.

Updike said that on the day the race started it appeared they were in for wet and slow conditions, but by his boat's 1:10 p.m. start, a light wind had picked up and the skies were clearing.

"After about a mile or so, the wind speed began to pick up and from that point on the sailing was fantastic," said Updike. "The crew did a super job and I'm convinced we would have been in the running for a trophy if only the idiot skipper-me-hadn't made a tactical blunder.

I was absolutely convinced that, as in years past, the wind inshore on Friday night/Saturday morning would shut off. The weather report said we should have 15- to 20-ktot winds 30 to 60 miles offshore. So, being the strategic sailing genius I am, we picked a point about 45 miles offshore and sailed to that point before heading in to Ensenada. This would have been outstanding strategy except the wind inshore didn't shut down."

Updike said the decision meant sailing an additional 15-20 miles. Among those competing in the race was former America's Cup winner Dennis Connor. Updike's team finished 294th out of 462 entrants.

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