Security Guard Routs TeenageBandits

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BUFFALO, N.Y. - (03/23/06) – Two teenage boys attempted torob Riverside CU here Tuesday morning, but fled empty-handed aftera security guard fired three shots at them. The would-be robbers,described as 14-to-17 years-old entered the credit union around 11am armed with a handgun and ordered the guard, a retired Buffalopolice officer, to his knees and told him not to move. When theassailants approached the teller counter, the guard pulled hisweapon and fired three shots at the robbers, police said. Theteenage robbers apparently were not hit by the gunfire. Buffalopolice said the guard’s actions were justified becausepeople’s lives were in imminent danger. Police are trying todetermine whether the two young men are connected to two otherrecent armed robberies at the credit union.

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